Generation X is not the Lost Generation


Gen X has gotten a bad rap. Ever since we said goodbye to high school and either started our lives in the real world or worked on bettering ourselves in college, everyone who is not part of our generation seems to think we are lost and that we are invisible. As a member of Generation X, I can say that those people don’t know what they’re talking about. If anything, we are the survivors of a childhood that may not have been ideal, a work life that is not always stable and a home life that may or may not be perfect. We are a generation of rebels and individuals who believe that music is the soundtrack to our lives and we can actually make a difference in a world filled with former dreamers and idealists-turned-greedy middle-aged boomers and plastic, money-is-the-only-thing that matters, barbie girl world, reality t.v. loving youngsters.

 It is true that some of Generation X may feel lost and some may feel invisible but we’re still out there, doing the  work that our predecessors and the generation following us don’t want to do. We are the cog in the wheel that makes it turn, letting the world see our creativity at work, showing the younger generation the importance of accepting others for who they are, having paved the way to be out-shined once again. It’s not a perfect world but it is our world and it’s our job to fix it after everyone else screwed it up. We’re like the un-loved or ignored middle child who just wants to be noticed and recognized for the special people we are without having to show off to everyone else to prove that we are. A generation of people who have so much to offer the world and many who do the important work behind the scenes, molding our children to be better people and hopefully making the world a better place for the future than when we received it. We don’t sound very lost to me.