Music is the Soundtrack to Life


For as long as I can remember, music has always played an important role in my life. Coming from a family as big as mine, my wonder years were spent hanging out at my grandparents’ house with the four youngest aunts who were my mom’s sisters. My mom was the fourth oldest child in her family of 13 kids. When my grandparents would babysit me while my mom was at work or she and my dad were out on a hot date, the four of them were usually there, all high school teenagers listening to the music of their adolescent years.

I have found that when I’m writing, especially if I’m preparing to write a novel length story, preparing a great playlist sets me up for the direction my characters decide they want to take. I let the music take over and see the characters in my mind and hear them as though I’m watching a movie in my head with the soundtrack playing in the background. Whether I’m writing about a teenaged drummer girl coming of age in New York City, mothers and daughters and the never-ending battle of words between them, a married couple dealing with the possibility of divorce after 25 years of marriage or the elderly man and woman who found each other again in their golden years, music always plays an important role in everything I write. It sets the tone of the story and moves it along in a way that I can see.

I have gotten to know many people who think the same way as I do about music. It started on a day in late November 2009 on a music website known as It was on this special online DJ website where I began to meet my people. For the first time in many years I found people who were just as obsessed and in love with music as I was. In the almost three years that I have been in and out of and facebook I have gotten to know some of these wonderful people on a more personal level, all online but still I consider them my friends. Even though I haven’t met any of them in person, I feel like I’ve known them for years. I can’t help but think sometimes that if we were all to have a meet and greet we’d end up having a blast with kick ass music playing in the background. I love my and facebook friends and in a world that can sometimes feel a bit lonely at times, they help to make it all more bearable and fun. Cheers to some of my favorite online friends! Love from EnchantedA!