Being appreciated is really nice…


This past June, I ended one career in the school district where I work and took a new position as an administrative assistant at a high school. For the past 12 years, I have worked on an off in accounting and with the budget cuts in the district, I was going to be “riffed.” Instead of letting my career in the district come to an end right before my full five years of vestment, I went for it, pay cut and all. Sometimes you have to take a step backward to move forward. I know now that I made the right decision.

Today was Administrative Professional’s Day and in the 20+ years that I’ve been working, this is the first year where I I truly felt appreciated for what I do and the first time I’ve ever been celebrated for what I do. I love my job…I really do. I know some people probably don’t look at secretarial work as anything special but working in the schools rather than in an administrative or corporate office is an eye-opening experience filled with pleasures that I never knew existed. Little gifts I find in my mailbox from office supply goodies to flowers and a boss who makes me feel appreciated everyday, patient with me and understanding when I forget to do something and still telling me that I’m doing a good job even when I feel like I’m not. Words of wisdom from the principal’s secretary letting me know that the first year is always the toughest but with each passing year it get’s easier and better helps me feel a little less insecure.

The added bonus is that I’m adding to my skills, learning a completely new job, knowing I can take that knowledge with me in a few years if I want to and move onto a higher paying position. The fact that I get a whole month off during summer to do whatever I please without having to request vacation time off is such a gift that it makes taking the pay cut completely worth it. When people acknowledge your hard work in a meaningful way, it truly makes a difference. Enchantment abounds and inspiration is everywhere.


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